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Who am I?

I have traveled many paths of healing and transformation, I have known many cultures and places always with the intention of finding “who am I?” in this world. Today my passion is helping other people discover their true potential and release ideas and emotional baggage that no longer serve them.

My path

I am a director by training. And for 10 years I worked for the cinema. Through other people's stories I was able to learn about human beauty. I have worked with educational projects for companies and their employees, focused on raising awareness and expanding consciousness.
For 8 years I undertook an inner journey within the Vajrayana School of Tibetan Buddhism. Where I was able to discover on a personal level and in depth the true essence of all beings and the entire reality.

My motivations

Today I am a facilitator & coach of the unique expressions of every human being. Whether in group or individual sessions my heart seems to open and create a safe space where they can be with everything that wants to be seen and healed to release the further potentials of each person. p

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