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Take back your authenticity, your courage

and your joy of living.


Our body suffers from various forms of stress, both physical and emotional:
burst of anger, depression,  
tension muscular,  headache, indigestion, insomnia, burnout, etc. To be productive in life, we have created a way of survival: stay in the head instead of ours body so we don't hear the emotions that come from physical and emotional pain. And this decision takes us on a long journey  unproductive along a road without the pleasure of living.


"Everything you need is already inside you,

often asleep, longing to be awakened." 


Clinton Callahan


What is alive in you?

  • Make new deals with yourself,

  • Discover your skills.

  • Expand your possibilities beyond your comfort zone.

  • Take the reins of your projects and turn ideas into reality.





Possibility Coaching & Emotional Healing

 Spiral Transformation and Healing


  • What is Possibility Coaching & Emotional Healing?

Possibility Coaching not only addresses the intellect, but also works on a physical, emotional and energetic level. During the sessions you will discover sources of internal blocks or hidden doors to your potential, getting to the heart of the process in a safe space. Possibility Coaching is entirely dedicated to your needs. In the process, you will create new possibilities for leading a more successful and fulfilling life, both in relation to your work and private life. You are the one who sets the pace. I will go with you as far as you are willing to go. ​ ​

Emotional Healing uses the new map of emotions as a "navigator" in which anger, sadness, joy and fear are neutral information like the four directions of a compass. Through the emotional healing and the massage techniques I offer, you can catalyze change even in the intellectual, emotional or energetic that prevents you from creating non-obvious possibilities. In this case the emotions are and the rocket fuel you need to fulfill your destiny on a new journey filled with transformation and healing.

  • From Emotions to the Body ​


The emotions experienced, even those that remain in our unconscious, are stored in our physical bodies and therefore for these to function harmoniously, they need not only physical food, minerals and vitamins but also a "touch". For this reason, the session is integrated with work on the physical body: reiki, face/foot reflexology, access bars, massage with essential oils..... ​

Possibility Coaching applies the tools, thought maps and processes of Possibility Management. These coaching tools and distinctions were discovered by chance during 40 years of research on authentic initiatory processes of adulthood.

Many people report that their first session with a Possibility Coach has become a turning point in their life.

Individual Sessions

Coaching Emotivo +
Corpo Físico (in Studio)

Durante la sessione di Coaching il cliente contatta le informazioni "immagazzinate" nel corpo emotivo e scopre cosa è vivo in quel momento per così trasformare e guarire.  La sessione si conclude con un lavoro sul corpo fisico: reiki, riflessologia viso/piede, access bars, massaggi con gli oli essenziali.....

Durata della sessione: fino a 1 ora 30min

Fascia di Contributo: 55 a 100 euro a sessione.

oppure a pacchetti a seconda del cliente.


Trattamento Energetico (in studio)

Riflessologia del Piede

l piede è la base del nostro incedere nel mondo, assorbe le energie della terra e le trasmette al cervello. Riassume in sé tutto l'organismo umano e può essere il punto di partenza e di arrivo per trattare molti disturbi.

Riflessologia del Viso

Il nostro cuore si riflette sul volto. Con delicatezza parla al nostro viso per portare luce, tranquillità, elasticità alle emozioni del cuore.

Durata della sessione: fino a 1 ora e 15 min

Dove: Studio Pietro Loreta

Fascia di Contributo: 45 a 100 euro

ZOOM 2.png

Processo di Cura Emotivo (on-line)

Uno spazio sicuro per riflettere il tuo stato emotivo alla guarigione. Questo lavoro può immergersi in profondità quanto è necessario, ha aiutato i clienti a navigare e trasformare esperienze passate molto forti e traumatiche. Uno spazio per finalmente lasciare il passato nel passato.

Durata della sessione: 60 a 90 minuti.

Dove: Piattaforma Zoom

Fascia di Contributo: 45 a 100 euro

Coaching Emotivo (on-line)

Durante le sessioni scoprirai fonti di blocchi interni o parti nascoste al tuo potenziale, andando al cuore del processo in uno spazio sicuro interamente dedicato alle tue esigenze. Nel processo creerai nuove possibilità sia in relazione al lavoro che alla vita privata. Sei tu che stabilisci il ritmo. Con te andrò fin dove sei disposto ad andare. 

Durata della sessione: 60 a 90 minuti.

Dove: Piattaforma Zoom

Fascia di Contributo: 45 a 100 euro

ZOOM ON LIN E_edited.jpg

Sessions in Groups

Check out other events:

On Line  - In Italian 

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-16 at 12.23.22.jpeg

Festival del Benessere Olistico 

e della Gentilezza

Workshop con Marina Mello: 

Laboratorio delle relazioni e della comunicazione (Sabato alle 18:00)

  • Se la comunicazione con gli altri non scorre come vorresti.

  • Se senti di perdere energia nelle relazioni quotidiane.

  •  Se vuoi rendere la vita qualcosa di straordinario ma non trovi il tempo, lo spazio e le collaborazioni per realizzarlo.

  • Se hai paura di come vivrà la nuova generazione in futuro ma sai che puoi fare qualcosa per cambiarla.



My name is Marina Mello.

My basic training is communication with a specialization in cinema. Following this path of creation and storytelling in which the aim was to tell something outside ordinary life, I gradually specialized in human healing. I started with a few questions: How can I be more authentic in my choices? What blocks and imprisons me? How can I lighten up on this road called life? In this trajectory, I have extensively studied the human mind and its blockages through Vajrayana Buddhism; I have worked with educational projects focused on raising awareness. I am a teacher in Reiki, a Reflexologist and I have been studying body movements through dance, the Feldenkreis technique for over two decades and today I am in the penultimate year of training at the Biodanza school (IBF). Today I accompany other people on this journey, helping them to reveal their true, more authentic, light-hearted and courageous being.

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di Chandra Livia Candiani

“I don't want to learn not to be afraid, I want to learn to tremble.
I don't want to learn to keep silent, I want to savor the silence from which every true word is born.
I don't want to learn not to get angry, I want to feel the fire, surround it with transparency that illuminates what others are doing and what I can do.
I don't want to accept, I want to welcome and respond.
I don't want to be good, I want to be smart.
I don't want to hurt, I want to say: "you're hurting me, stop it."
I don't want to become better, I want to smile at my worst.
I don't want to be another, I want to adopt myself in one piece.
I don't want to pacify everything, I want to explore reality even when it hurts, I want the truth about me.
I don't want to teach, I want to accompany.
It's not that I want it like this, it's that I can't do anything else"



Photo Gallery


Looking at the past to heal the present.
Matera, IT -  2017

Interview with Anja Rolf 

-What is the Liquid State and the
Emotional Healing Process? 
- 3 Phases of Healing.

Possibility Management Italy:
- Possibility Team
- Rage Club
- Feelings and Emotions / New Maps

Possibility Management


Jorene Ferro

It was for me an awakening of the senses. The rhythmic and skilful movement of the hands freed me from the traces of fatigue that my face holds and gave me back the joy of the meeting.

Agnese Cammelli

During the journey I made with Marina, I realized that I had built an entire life based on an unconscious script written by my family members. It was like waking up from a dream that wasn't mine. Today I am free to write and live the story I really want, and to create the projects that come from my heart.

Sancler Miranda

Marina is a loving and respectful power, which promotes the integration between the psyche and awareness by promoting the release of trauma kept under lock and key. In addition, it also helps us bring the present into our body frozen from the past, with extremity work leading us to self-acceptance.

How can I help you?

Contact me for any questions, comments or to take a different action in your life. I am available to clarify any doubts about treatments, workshops or other.


Via Santa Caterina,  2

Castenaso, BO


+ 39-327-025-2650

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